VWFS Startup Battlefield terms and conditions


1.1 To enter VWFS Startup Battlefield, you need to fill the first application form on the website where we ask you to give us your company details.

1.2 Once we get your application, we will reach out to you via email to get to know more about your company and product. We will ask you to fill out a second online application form where you’ll give us more details about your business solution and why you are applying to the VWFS Startup Battlefield. This must be received by midnight on 23 September 2018  (“Closing Date”).

1.3 All applications will be reviewed by a group of VWFS representatives and 10 finalists will be selected. We will communicate the finalists within 48 hours of the Closing Date. We will also contact all the other entrants to let them know that they won’t be part of the finalists group.


2.1 VWFS Startup Battlefield (“Battlefield”) aims to identify and promote innovative business solutions within three categories:  Mobility services disruption, process automation, customer user experience

2.2 The judges will consider:

· Strategy: How well does this business solution fit with VWFS business strategy?

·Product or service: Does the business solve a problem our consumers care about?

· Market: How big is the addressable market, how will you beat the competition and what is the scope for growth?


3.1 Applications must be submitted via the Battlefield website only and received by midnight on 23 September 2018 (“Closing Date”).

3.2 VWFS cannot be held responsible for applications that are lost and/or not received by the Closing Date.

3.3 VWFS reserves the right to alter, amend or foreclose the Battlefield without prior notice.


4.1 VWFS will review all applications and select the 10 finalists on or by  26 September 2018.

4.2 All Finalists must be available on 4 October 2018 to present their business solution at the Battlefield. Presentations will start at 2pm, but all finalists will be required to arrive at 9am.


6.1 VWFS are looking for small businesses and startups that have a working prototype. Businesses from all around the world are welcome to apply. Businesses that have received an investment from a competitor OEM won’t be considered.

6.2 The decision of VWFS is final.


7. The subsidiaries of Volkswagen AG, under the registered trademark of Volkswagen Financial Services, offer the following services and products: financing and insurance by the Volkswagen Bank GmbH – Portugal branch | C.R.C. Amadora, under the NUPC 98046353 | Permanent representation of Volkswagen Bank GmbH, headquartered in 57 Gifhorner Strasse, 38112 Braunschweig, Germany, C.R.C. of the Court of Braunschweig by the number HTB1819 | Insurance agent registered at the ASF by the number D-HNQM-UQ9MO-22 | Insurance agent provided during the hiring process. Renting and mobility services by Volkswagen Renting, Unipessoal, Ltd. C.R.C. Cascais, under the number NUPC 507850149, with registered capital of 435,000.00 euros.